Kevin Boden Tyre Sales

Kevin Boden Tyre Sales is keen to keep you on the road and your vehicle working efficiently.  An essential part of the vehicle is the battery.  Flat batteries are one of the most common types of vehicle breakdown.

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The demands placed on a modern power supply are far greater than they were in those early days.  Electric windows, sunroofs, air conditioning, ABS, airbags and increased temperatures in the engine compartment combine to increase demand and reduce battery life.

You have a choice of quality batteries at differing price levels, depending on the use you intend putting the battery to. These all have different power capacities, different warranty periods, and different physical features. Truly a battery for every purse and purpose.

We stock premium quality brands such as Unipart as well as budget brands. With the latest car on board computers, sound systems, and security systems, battery fitting is now much more complicated than in the past. Let us do it for you, quickly and safely, and we can then dispose of your old battery in an environmentally approved way.



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